Kirk (driftwood30062) wrote,

Trying my first entry......

Ok, if this works, then the Thunderguzzler has managed to find the toolbox he was looking for.
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Mwa-hahahahaha! (or is it Bwa-hahahaha? I can never remember.)
Regarding your User ID... Have you considered excising the old zip code from same? That is unless there is some cabal motivation unperceived by the uninitiated??? - Mischievously, TTDubya
I would have to say that the only cabalistic viewpoint here is LAZINESS!! I had considered last year that "driftwood28714" would be a most judicious change; but I got busy, I forgot, wah, wah, so now my life will be harder till I get the change made. Even the avatar that K-Ox so merrily provided for me now must be redone! Alas, poor 30062, I knew him, Horatio.....